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Mélanie Justine Marie Berthaud

Psychoanalyst/Teacher/Yoga and Meditation Instructor/Hypnotherapist

Hacia la introducción

Mélanie Justine Marie Berthaud was born in France.

She has worked as a lecturer in England and Scotland, and later as a primary school teacher in Mexico for 15 years.


Since 2006, she has been practicing psychoanalysis. Additionally, she has been a certified yoga teacher since 2014. 

For several years, Mélanie has been involved in human rights activism in the Netherlands and Mexico, notably leading the International Dialogue Schools in war zones such as the Balkans. Her commitment to promoting yoga and meditation for children stems from her deep conviction and passion for holistic well-being.

A trained political scientist, Mélanie holds degrees from the School of Political Science in Paris, Sciences Po, the University of Sussex (UK) in European Studies, and the University of Paris VII with a Master's degree in Psychoanalysis, specializing in childhood sexual trauma. Fluent in French, Spanish, and English, she has been practicing psychoanalysis in private practice in Mexico City and France since 2006. As of 2022, she is also undergoing training as a hypnotherapist in Paris.


Mélanie has been practicing silent meditation since 2010 and yoga since 1998. Certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance in 2019, she has guided over 1000 hours of yoga practice since 2015. Her registered hours can be found on the Yoga Alliance website.

Mélanie Justine Marie Berthaud is the founder of the Justine Time platform (, established in 2016. Through this platform, she offers a six-month self-compassion workshop and an eight-week "Beat Procrastination" workshop. 

She also conducts a live guided meditation every Monday at 5:30 a.m. and hosts "Talking about priorities" every Sunday at 9 p.m., addressing topics related to holistic health. In addition to her online yoga classes every Sunday at 7:30 a.m., Mélanie also organizes an annual yoga retreat and a monthly online self-compassion retreat on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Ten years after being a psychoanalyst, meditation made a very powerful call to me, at a crucial moment in my existence.

Mélanie approaches the practice of yoga from the edges that she has developed, that is, from the exploration of the unconscious and the soul to the liberation of the knowledge of a body that "never lies" (Alice Miller).

She organizes yoga and meditation retreats periodically in Mexico and Europe, also online, and she does so alone or accompanied by other seekers. She prefers to call these retreats "yoga and meditation immersions."

She was a teacher in front of a group at the age of 21, in England. She studied pedagogy and has worked as a primary school teacher for more than 15 years, which allows her today to offer practices adapted to each practitioner, whether it is her first time or a practitioner for many years.

Mélanie Berthaud offers guided meditations every morning at 5:30 am on her platform - via Zoom - from Monday to Friday and believes that it is the best way to start the day and thus sustain a solid structure that drives transformation. Since March 2023, meditation practices are linked to the practice of journaling.

In 2020, she created the podcast Justine Time, which has reached seven parallel seasons in 2023: the podcast is a voluntarily and consciously artisanal podcast, in counterpoint to a hyper-produced world.

The yoga practices currently offered are 90 minutes long and occur twice a week in person and online. Mélanie Berthaud is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and is registered on the Insight Timer meditation app, with which she collaborates. She organizes 2 reading and study clubs a year and non-violent communication workshops.

She attends his office in CDMX and works online with patients who live in other parts of the world in Spanish, French and English.

To contact her:

melanie berthaud, yoga, bosque, mujer, meditación
Yoga has made me much more loving, patient and has allowed me to get closer to the mystery and magic of life.
Women meditating, forest, meditation, outdoors, yoga

My classes are structured to always approach yoga as a science, a philosophy and an art.

I review, in each session, the classic texts. I chant mantras, too, because I love to sing.

I conceive my sessions in writing and plan for each week in order to allow practitioners to progress each week. At the same time, once I am in front of the group that receives the practice I offer, my entire being goes to the magical process of IMPROVISATION.

My lessons are multilevel because the practice adapts to the student and not the other way around. My limit of students is 8 in person because I give them a lot of attention.

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