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Updated: Apr 9

This text is a profound reflection on commitment.

What commitment do I have?

We are, as a society, at a critical moment. I am increasingly amazed by the extent of chronic stress. We are far from treating it as a joke or a hypothesis. The problem lies in the fact that it cannot be quantified like the level of water in a bottle. Therefore, we can ignore it and pretend that everything is fine, until the day our body demands payment.

The only way to know is to become aware, to stop and observe, and to have the courage to do so, even if it means setting aside other activities.

How do we know that we are misaligned? It's simple: we do things we don't want to do or haven't done for a long time. We get involved in gossip, unconsciously revealing friends' secrets and hurting them. We waste time on social media instead of nourishing, advancing, and learning. We turn to food, alcohol, or other substances to cope with stress. We live in the past, victimized by our traumas and avoiding our own inner work.

Why do we do this? To avoid confronting ourselves. To distract ourselves from what we really need to do: work on our personal growth.

Chronic stress is on the rise and seriously affecting our physical, emotional, and mental health. No one escapes its grip.

Let me share a little more about myself.

Since a young age, my life has led me down the path of teaching and knowledge transmission, as well as active listening through psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy. In 2014, I founded Justine Time to integrate all these elements that have been fundamental to my own growth and healing.

I have devoted over two decades to studying and practicing psychoanalysis, committing to constant learning and evolution. My decade-long commitment to human rights led me to seek a deeper, more enduring transformation, focusing on educating children, who represent the future.

My current commitment is to the study and practice of psychoanalysis, as well as teaching yoga and meditation through my platform. I organize online workshops and retreats on relevant topics, working with people committed to their own growth and healing.

All this 25-year journey has been to enable people to approach their well-being holistically, whether through meditation, yoga, therapy, or self-study.

Regarding yoga and meditation, I have created online memberships so that the community has unlimited access to meditations and yoga practices.

My commitment to my patients is reflected in offering affordable packages to support them in their process.

In 2020, I launched the Justine Time podcast and began teaching online courses, thus showing my ongoing commitment to my work and to those I serve.

I hope this personal reflection resonates with you and encourages you to reflect on your own commitment to yourself.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me.


Mélanie Berthaud



Yoga and Meditation Teacher

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